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About Us

Green Ecco Moss campaign specializes in the production of the best stabilized moss and plants in Ukraine!


Green Ecco Moss


Our goal-

To provide you with only high-quality goods that we make with love ❤️

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Dmitry and Elena Volsky are professionals in their field and the best experts in stabilized products

Green Ecco Moss
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Green Ecco Moss

“Dreams don't come true just because you dream about them. Only hard work makes them come true. Only hard work creates change.”

Shonda Rhimes


Overcoming obstacles in any business leads to success. Green Ecco Moss is no exception. After going through many challenges, we succeed in   no matter what it costs us, and our awards and clients confirm this! 

Content Manager "GEM" Dmitry Lisovsky 

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Our team

The team is the most important thing in any business, because alone, as a rule, it is difficult to achieve success.

With the help of our team, stabilized masterpieces are created that do not need to be looked after. We always try for you and do everything at the highest level 😊

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We manufacture
stabilized decorative material

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