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Landscaping with moss

Produce preserved moss in Ukraine
Green Ecco Moss

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Green Ecco Moss


5 years ago, namely in 2017, our esteemed founders Dmitry and Elena came up with an idea. The purpose of this idea was to make such a plant that it did not require maintenance and watering. Of course, this is not biologically possible, so the founders of "GEM" began to look for a way to do this chemically, stopping the development of the plant.

After many days of constant experimentation, our heroes managed to deduce the very stabilization formula. But the problem was that, “What are we going to stabilize? How will different plants feel after stabilization?”.😲 As you understand, the experiments did not end there. A bunch of unsuccessful attempts had to go through to make the same product. It turned out that moss is one of the first best options.🌿


It looks amazing, is odorless, repels dust and fits perfectly into any interior. Having considered all the processes, the work began to boil. Time went far from empty. During the production of samples and finished goods, a lot of facts and rules have gathered, following which the result will be the best.😃

Green Ecco Moss

Welcome to Green Ecco Moss! 

At the moment, our company manufactures such stabilized 'masterpieces'
  • Paintings from moss and plants
  • Planters and florariums
  • stabilized plants
  • Dried flowers
  • Flowers stabilized
  • Tussock moss
  • Norwegian moss reindeer moss
  • Yagel Ukrainian
  • Provence royal
  • Moss provence
  • Flat moss
  • Fern moss
  • Trees stabilized
  • Products from plywood and moss
Green Ecco Moss

What is stabilized moss?


   Stabilized moss is a unique material for interior design. Do you want to realize the idea of decorating your home or office in a natural style? The Green Ecco Moss team will help you with this.

   Our exclusive solutions are waiting for implementation! For example, moss paintings will decorate your home! We are ready to start working right now! If you want to buy stabilized moss in Ukraine at the best price, then consider that you have already found where. By the way, we have excellent conditions if you buy in bulk!

What varieties of moss can you buy?

   Our stabilized moss is of natural origin and after harvest it is processed. The key step in the process is the introduction of a glycerin solution that replaces natural juice. This composition gives softness and elasticity. After such treatment, the plant can do without watering and sunlight.

   Moss is presented in the following forms:

Green Ecco Moss

Spherical bumps attracts with its structure and density


Soft and fluffy reindeer moss is beautiful for its simplicity and elasticity


Flat moss species will captivate hearts with their beauty and structure.


Provencal moss

Provencal moss is one of the best in the field of stabilized decor

Stabilized plants


At the moment we have many different stabilized plants, all of which do not need care and watering and retain their beautiful appearance for a period of 5 to 8 years. And all this is due to the stabilization process - replacing the natural juice of the plant with an artificial chemical solution that is absolutely safe for you, your children and animals. These products do not cause allergies and are created only for you to admire them.

🌿🍀                                                                                                                      🌿🍀 

In most cases, these plants are used as an addition to moss paintings, because plants and moss in a bunch give a stunning look to the picture and any other product in general.

We produce paintings from moss- they will become the highlight of the interior. We have a lot of ideas for phytogreening of walls and panels, the execution of which will give a new, bright look to everyday life. Stabilization at Green Ecco Moss is carried out according to European technologies. You get a natural product without harmful chemicals and insects. It does not require watering andcare, will decorate the room for a long time, inside which the smell of the forest will reign.

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Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
Вертикальное озеленение установка
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Profitable cooperation - the best prices for moss and plants wholesale and retail from Green Ecco Moss

Orders are accepted 7 days a week. Stabilized moss is shipped on the day of registration of the application. As for design solutions, we implement them within a maximum of 14 days, depending on the complexity. Delivery in Ukraine can be accelerated by making a request. Our specialist also carries out the installation of scenery. We sell wholesale in Ukraine, in particular, to Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkov.

The price at Green Ecco Moss is lower than other moss suppliers in Ukraine, since we are a manufacturer. Products of other brands come to us without intermediaries. If there is a need to buy goods in bulk, you will find a significant discount. Ask the manager for details.

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